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Roughly three months ago, Apple unveiled iOS 7 at the WWDC conference in San Francisco. XING’s iOS team was there and, like everyone else, surprised at the depth of changes that went far beyond throwing away skeuomorphic design elements and making everything flat.  The design philosophy itself had shifted: In iOS 7, the user interface defers to the content. Subtle but sophisticated animations replace or clarify navigational elements. Typographical details become more important. And those are only the aspects the eye can see: The days following the WWDC keynote, we learned about changes and enhancements pertaining to the functional core of iOS.

Ready for iOS 7 within weeks

Enthused and fired up, we came back to Hamburg – only to realize that our roadmap was already booked solid for the upcoming months. There was little chance to get an iOS 7 version of our app out of the door by the time iOS 7 would be released. We then convinced our team and product manager that it’d be worth to invest a week for iOS 7 related research. We used this week to evaluate new opportunities for our app and to estimate the time and effort needed to implement them. At the end of the week we were convinced that we could get our XING app iOS 7 ready within a few weeks. And with ready we meant not only a visual adaptation but also the support of new features such as downloading new data in the background and dynamic font size changes. (more…)

Danijela Nandi

Danijela Nandi on 02.09.2013 at 14:53h CET

XING Beta Labs have been in place for almost two years now, and it gives us an opportunity to present our members with various beta features that they can test. That way, anyone looking to put developmental features through their paces can go there, select the feature they want to try, then test-drive it and send us their feedback. XING Beta Labs were the birthplace of various features we currently offer on the platform such as attachments and the conversation view. But sometimes beta features don’t work out and they have to be removed to free up resources for other great ideas, which is why we’re going to remove XING Topics from the platform.

We’d like to thank all the members who put a lot of time and effort into test-driving XING Topics over the last few months. During that time we’ve been busy collecting and evaluating your feedback and performed a number of random tests which allowed us to find out what you liked about the Topics section (e.g. being able to add images and rank topics by popularity) and what you weren’t too keen on (e.g. layout of the posts). We always take your feedback into account when developing new features and products, and we’ll be re-using a number of the XING Topics features you really liked in other parts of the platform – so keep a lookout for them!

XING Topics will be available until 16 September. Until then you can still view your posts in the ‘your posts’ tab and copy and paste the ones you’d like to keep to a text file. Alternatively you can use the ‘copy and paste view’ button to copy and paste all of your posts in one go. After that date, all of your posts will be permanently removed, so if you want to keep them, please make sure you save them somewhere else.

As always, we’ll carry on working hard to boost your XING experience, so don’t forget to visit our blog again soon.

Nils Lauk

Nils Lauk on 14.03.2013 at 18:17h CET

XING holds regular innovation weeks that give our developers an opportunity to tinker around with things and put their ideas into practice. Some of the results of these projects include things like the RSS import feature allowing you to import blog posts and to share them with your XING network. Now we’re happy to present you with another great innovation weeks feature that’s available from today. This feature allows you to use XING with keyboard shortcuts as you’ve most probably come across before in your daily work on the computer. This of course makes it both easier and faster to network on XING.

Here’s how it works
Keyboard shortcuts usually involve pressing and holding either the CTRL key if you’re a Windows user or CMD if you’re on a Mac. We don’t want to interfere with your browser’s own shortcuts, however, that  is why our shortcuts always start by pressing and holding the SHIFT key. (more…)

Bjoern Minkmar

Bjoern Minkmar on 12.12.2012 at 14:30h CET

Imagine you’re driving in a city you’ve never been to before to visit a business partner. You’ve probably used your address book or smartphone to get the address you’re going to and then entered it in your sat nav. But isn’t this process a bit over-complicated? Wouldn’t it be great if you could call up your XING address book in your sat nav and then simply select it as your destination?

This probably sounds like something from “Back to the future”, right? Well, at the moment it is, but it’s actually highly realistic from a technical point of view! That’s because XING is rolling out its API (Application Programming Interface) for external developers which enables them to build great apps just like the idea I mentioned above. (more…)

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Managing Director Mario Grobholz to mark the launch of our cooperation. We will roll out the corresponding feature this afternoon.

Many business users with a XING profile also have profiles on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. More and more personal details such as photos, comments and opinions are being posted online all the time, which is why it’s essential to ensure that you retain control over and protect your online image and reputation. We’ve teamed up with XING to offer its members online privacy and reputation protection both on the XING platform and beyond it as well.

How do XING members use is integrated into the XING platform, so all you need to do is activate it. To do so, just click on the button that appears in the top right-hand corner of your profile page. A window will then open asking you to authorize – and that’s it! You’re protected by! (more…)

Marc Haefner, Senior Product Manager

Back in December 2011, XING launched its Beta Labs as a platform for users wanting to try out new XING features early on in their development. This also gave them an opportunity to provide feedback and shape new features to meet their own needs.

Today we launched our conversation view, which started out life as a Beta Labs feature and proved to be an instant hit so we had to make it available to more Beta Labs users than originally planned. We then took all of those users’ feedback and added what we could before today’s feature launch.

But what is the conversation view? The conversation view summarizes your personal messages so that you can see your entire written correspondence with one or more people on a certain subject. Individual messages are listed below one another in a compact view that just shows the first few lines of each message. To view a certain message in full, all you need to do is click anywhere in the compact message view which will then expand to display the entire message. You may well have come across this before if you have a smartphone or email program that already has this feature which is also great for collaboration processes as everyone involved can follow the discussion. (more…)

This week’s platform update makes it even easier for you to find out what’s going on in your network.

If you comment on one of your contacts’ status updates or posts, you’ll now be informed if someone responds so you can always keep track of what’s going on there and see how the discussion develops. (more…)

Dr. Tobias Baier, Product Manager

Anyone looking to discuss specialist topics with other XING members can now take advantage of our latest feature – XING Topics – which is a great way of finding and interacting with the latest interesting posts on a wide range of topics. You don’t need to sign up to use this feature, just activate it in Beta Labs and you’re good to go!

Topics are displayed as tags and you can choose to follow them so you always get the latest posts there. Your Topics homepage also provides you with an overview of the topics you’re following together with the latest posts there. (more…)

Ingo Müller, Software Engineer

A XING profile and the many groups available here on XING are a great way to showcase yourself as an expert online as you can list your skills and experience and also get involved in specialist discussions. You can also link to any other online profiles you may have, be they on Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia – even your own website or blog.

Today we released a new XING Beta Labs feature called RSS import to make it easier for you to share your blog, ideas, expertise and views with your network. All you need to do is go to your profile – where you’ll see a notification text about the new feature – and add the RSS feed to your existing profiles. Then you’re all set!

Content from your blog or CMS will be automatically shared with your network as an update where your contacts can also post comments and share it with their network. Happy blogging with the new RSS import feature! (more…)

Over 90,000 companies and freelancers already have a XING Company Profile, and this number is rising all the time. The first thing companies want to know when weighing up whether to create a Company Profile is what they can do with it or what other companies have done with theirs. We therefore decided to put together an overview of the top five use cases to show you how you stand to benefit from a Company Profile.


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