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Marc Haefner, Senior Product Manager

Back in December 2011, XING launched its Beta Labs as a platform for users wanting to try out new XING features early on in their development. This also gave them an opportunity to provide feedback and shape new features to meet their own needs.

Today we launched our conversation view, which started out life as a Beta Labs feature and proved to be an instant hit so we had to make it available to more Beta Labs users than originally planned. We then took all of those users’ feedback and added what we could before today’s feature launch.

But what is the conversation view? The conversation view summarizes your personal messages so that you can see your entire written correspondence with one or more people on a certain subject. Individual messages are listed below one another in a compact view that just shows the first few lines of each message. To view a certain message in full, all you need to do is click anywhere in the compact message view which will then expand to display the entire message. You may well have come across this before if you have a smartphone or email program that already has this feature which is also great for collaboration processes as everyone involved can follow the discussion. (more…)

This week’s platform update makes it even easier for you to find out what’s going on in your network.

If you comment on one of your contacts’ status updates or posts, you’ll now be informed if someone responds so you can always keep track of what’s going on there and see how the discussion develops. (more…)

Dr. Tobias Baier, Product Manager

Anyone looking to discuss specialist topics with other XING members can now take advantage of our latest feature – XING Topics – which is a great way of finding and interacting with the latest interesting posts on a wide range of topics. You don’t need to sign up to use this feature, just activate it in Beta Labs and you’re good to go!

Topics are displayed as tags and you can choose to follow them so you always get the latest posts there. Your Topics homepage also provides you with an overview of the topics you’re following together with the latest posts there. (more…)