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Ingo Müller, Software Engineer

A XING profile and the many groups available here on XING are a great way to showcase yourself as an expert online as you can list your skills and experience and also get involved in specialist discussions. You can also link to any other online profiles you may have, be they on Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia – even your own website or blog.

Today we released a new XING Beta Labs feature called RSS import to make it easier for you to share your blog, ideas, expertise and views with your network. All you need to do is go to your profile – where you’ll see a notification text about the new feature – and add the RSS feed to your existing profiles. Then you’re all set!

Content from your blog or CMS will be automatically shared with your network as an update where your contacts can also post comments and share it with their network. Happy blogging with the new RSS import feature! (more…)

Over 90,000 companies and freelancers already have a XING Company Profile, and this number is rising all the time. The first thing companies want to know when weighing up whether to create a Company Profile is what they can do with it or what other companies have done with theirs. We therefore decided to put together an overview of the top five use cases to show you how you stand to benefit from a Company Profile.


XING combines two key elements of your working life – the skills and experience listed in your profile as well as the contacts and acquaintances within your business network. There are several ways to link the two, such as by recommending someone in your network for a job vacancy or by giving them a reference.

Today’s update provides XING Beta Labs users with another great way of leveraging their network. The new endorsing feature allows people who visit your profile to endorse your entries in the “Haves” section of your profile. By activating this new feature, anyone who visits your profile can endorse your “Haves”. Endorsers don’t have to be direct contacts, nor do they need to have activated the feature themselves. (more…)