The success story behind Twitter is simple enough: sharing information with friends, acquaintances and more in 140 characters or less. The microblogging service grew 1,400% last year (wow!), and is becoming more and more popular in Germany, as this link (in German!) shows: Last month, the number of ‘Twitterers’ grew by 25%. Now there are nearly 80,000 users in Germany registered on the site. We at XING are no exception. Nearly 2,500 users follow the XING Twitter account, and other XING members are actively typing away. The XING group ‘I love Twitter‘ has 2,225 members, Microblogging has nearly 1,500 members, and a special Twitter Marketing group has almost topped the 1,000-member mark.

Two months ago we launched a feature allowing XING members to twitter about events they’re organizing or attending directly from our platform. Not surprisingly, the feature got a great deal of resonance, with thousands using it every month. This overwhelming response has encouraged us to expand Twitter interfaces on XING. Now….drum roll, please! With the launch of our third OpenSocial application, ‘Twitter Buzz’, we’re doing exactly that.

You can use the new application to stay on top with what’s being said about the topics that are important to you. You can follow what people are twittering about your company, your industry, or about any other topic that interests you. The application also allows you to choose whether you want to receive updates in other languages, or just in certain languages of your choice.

So give it a try, it’s free, of course: Go to Twitter Buzz.

Caption: Twitter Buzz is available on your XING home page and in a separate independent window (see picture above).

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